LL Stealth Pack (3 Pack)


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We ship all orders in discreet packaging.

However, some customers are concerned their wife or girlfriend may open the package before they get home.

If you share that concern, the LL Stealth Pack is for you.

What is it?

The LL Stealth Pack is a normal 3-Pack of Liquid Lapdance, disguised as an entirely different product, one she wouldn't object to.  In fact, she'd be pleased you bought it.

If your wife happens to open your shipment, the LL Stealth Pack appears to be a "European Penis Bath".

You may be thinking, "My wife knows I would never buy a European Penis Bath".  But, that was the "old" you. She's been trying to soften your rough edges since the day she captured you. Perhaps it's finally working.  Perhaps you're finally upping your beauty-game.

The European Penis Bath is designed with female psychology in mind. Women spend billions each year on beauty products. They purchase creams, powders, perfumes, douches, and deodorants.  Why shouldn't you do this one little thing to keep your man-area beautiful for her?

She'll think it's sweet.  She may even wrap the package back up, pretend she never saw your little secret, and reward you with a Nascar-loving BJ when you walk through the door.

The LL Stealth pack contains everything you need to use Liquid Lapdance (Lap Dance Pants + unmarked lube packages).  The package contains no mention of Liquid Lapdance, lap dances, strippers, strip clubs, etc..  The disguise is complete and perfect, even upon close examination.  We will send you the real instructions by email.

Your lady may think you wasted $36 on a fresher set of balls, but she won't be ready to hang you by them.


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LL Stealth Pack (3 Pack)

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