Our Mission

We believe lap dances are a safer, healthier alternative to casual sex, paid sex, orgies, one-night stands, etc..  We believe this is why strip clubs are legal in so many places where prostitution is not.

If we make lap dances better, we believe more people will choose lap dances instead of sex when they want a casual, carefree experience.

Who uses Liquid Lapdance?

  • Men - Have an orgasm at the strip club, guaranteed.
  • Women - Give your man a wild strip club experience in the bedroom.
  • Entertainers - Provide a full-service experience, without compromising your safety.
  • Couples - Waiting until marriage to have sex?  Explore your sexual connection without having sex.

We believe:

The future can be much better than the past.  

Everybody wants to feel good.  

The world is a better place when people have more healthy options.