Liquid Lapdance Instructions


Thanks for purchasing the world famous LAP DANCE PANTS from Liquid Lapdance.  This product is designed to help you experience full pleasure from lap dances.  Keep in mind, all dances are different.  To get the benefit out of Liquid Lapdance, you will need a dancer who gives a good grind.  You will also need to make sure the product is in a position that feels good.  Most guys adjust themselves before or during the dance to make sure they are in the right position to feel good.


Step 1: Tear open the lube packet.

Step 2:  Squirt lube into the latex part.  Squirt a generous amount of lube into the front part of the extension where your penis will be.  Rub the outside of latex part together to spread lube.

Step 3: Take off your underwear.  Put on LAP DANCE PANTS in their place.


- Tie your LLs together on the left and right side.  The latex part should be oriented in front.  Using the ties, LLs can fit almost any size person.  Simply untie to remove your LLs without taking your pants off all the way.  This can be very helpful if you’re changing in the car or in the club.

- Wear LAP DANCE PANTS under your pants.  Do not wear an additional pair of underwear.

- When you’re relaxing at the club (not getting dances), you may choose to let the latex part hang down below your penis and testicles.  Before you get a dance, make sure your penis and testicles are inside the latex part.

- Wear pants that are soft and roomy over Liquid Lapdance (1-2 sizes bigger than normal).  Dress pants, khakis, climbing pants, and other athletic pants work especially well.  Any type of pants will work as long as they are roomy.

- Choose a dancer with a big butt.

Note on Lubrication: The lube we’ve supplied is a water-based lube called Personal Lubricant Jelly.  You can buy refills at Walmart or Target for about $4 (for a 4oz bottle).  Use of oil-based lotions and lubricants will weaken the latex part quickly.  For best results, please use a water-based personal lubricant jelly like the one provided.  To maximize sensation, you may experiment with a “warming lube”.  K-Y Warming Jelly (available at Walmart) provides a very interesting sensation during the dance.

Lap Dance Pants Ingredients: Latex, Polyester, Spandex.

Lube Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Methylparaben, Gluconolactone, Sodium Hydroxide.

Cleaning Instructions: Please cleanse Liquid Lapdance before use as you would any sex toy.  The inside of the latex part should be washed with warm, soapy water and sterilized with an alcohol swab before use. LAP DANCE PANTS are semi-disposable.  To reuse your LAP DANCE PANTS, hand wash in warm, soapy water, sterilize with an alcohol swab.  Air dry.  You may also machine wash your LAP DANCE PANTS.  Before washing, turn them inside out so the interior of the latex can be thoroughly cleaned.  Machine wash separately in cold water.  Tumble dry on low heat.

Note: Our goal is to make lap dances feel amazing.  We are testing many ideas and making product improvements based on user feedback.  Please let us know how Liquid Lapdance works for you.  We’d love to hear your stories, suggestions, tips, tricks, etc..  Email:

Liquid Lapdance is a novelty item, not a medical device.   Liquid Lapdance is not a contraceptive and does not contain a spermicide.  Please sterilize Liquid Lapdance before each use with an alcohol swab.