Q: What are Liquid Lapdance™ Lap Dance Pants?

A: They're special underwear.  Guys wear them when they're getting a lap dance.

Q: Why do guys need special underwear for a lap dance?

A: Regular clothing is dry, rough, and uncomfortable during lap dances.  Guys may experience abrasions, discomfort, and other minor injuries of the penis during dry dances.  But, the biggest problem with dry dances is they just don't feel as amazing as they should.  The guy pays a bunch of money, the girl does a lot of work, and the result is often a bit, err, anti-climactic.

Q: How was Liquid Lapdance created?

A: Liquid Lapdance was invented by a group of friends in Las Vegas.  The guys love lap dances.  Two of the girls are dancers at strip clubs in Las Vegas.  The guys were inspired by the challenge of figuring out how to make lap dances feel better.   The girls loved the idea of having a product to sell to guys in the club.  They really liked the idea that guys wouldn't be "cumming through their pants" anymore.  Each product iteration has involved guys and girls brainstorming, testing, and refining the product.  It's important to us that the product works for guys and dancers.

Q: Who are they for?

A: Liquid Lapdance is for guys who love LAP DANCES... GRINDING, HUMPING, ASS JOBS, BUMPING, and TWERKING... all the while keeping it fun and safe.  If you're the type of guy who doesn't like lap dances, our product isn't for you... If you're a dancer, you can make extra money by selling Liquid Lapdance to your customers.  Please check out our 12-pack and 100-pack options which are great for re-sale.

Q: Will Liquid Lapdance save me money?

A: We're tempted to say "Yes".  The truth is, some guys spend less and some guys (like us) get more dances now because the dances feel better.  LL helps you get to the edge of orgasm quickly.  It's your choice whether to have the orgasm quickly or enjoy more time at the edge.

Q: When should I put them on?

A: Most commonly, guys suit-up at home before heading to the club.  If you're on the go, you may find it convenient to suit-up in the car, or in the bathroom at the club.

Q: Can I walk around in them?

A: Yes, you can walk around problem.  We don't recommend wearing them to run a marathon, but generally speaking they're comfortable to walk in.  The downside is the latex can rub against the inside of your legs a bit.  If this is a problem for you, you can prevent rubbing by placing some some baby powder on the outside of the latex part and on your legs.

Q: Will I look weird in them?

A: Not at all.  Nobody will be able to tell you're wearing them.

Q: How long can I wear Liquid Lapdance before I get a dance?

A: Once you're lubed up, you're ready to dance for hours.  We've worn LLs literally all night on epic multi-club outings in Las Vegas.

Q: What do they look like?

A: Liquid Lapdance Lap Dance Pants look like regular underwear with a latex extension in front.

Q: What do they feel like?

A: We asked our customers...

"Feels like two lubed ass-cheeks sliding up and down."

"Imagine a pair of oiled titties bouncing up and down your cock."

"I wouldn't say it felt like sex.  More like a blow job, a hand job, whacking off, anal sex, and titty-fucking all in one."

"Kinda like fucking a really loose pussy."

Everybody says it a little differently, but all seem to agree, Liquid Lapdance makes lap dances feel much, much better! 

 Q: Why is there no picture of the product on the site?

A: We're selling pair of underwear with a latex extension... it's hard to take a photograph that shows it in all its glory without being pretty graphic.  We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee in the unlikely event you're dissatisfied for any reason.

Q: How is Liquid Lapdance worn?

A: A small amount of lube is added to the latex part and spread around.  The LLs are then worn like regular underwear.

Q: Is the latex part for my testicles and my penis, or just my penis?

A: The latex part is designed to engulf both your testicles and your penis.  This allows the dancer to stimulate the entire erogenous zone from the anus to the tip of the penis.

Q: Will I really have an orgasm during a lap dance?

A: The vast majority of customers and testers who have tried our product have achieved orgasm when wearing Liquid Lapdance.  However, every body is different, and every dance is different.  This is why we offer our World Famous Orgasm Guarantee.  If you are unable to achieve orgasm in your LLs, we'll give you a full refund... No fine print, no BS.

Q: How many refunds have you given based on your Orgasm Guarantee?

A: To date, only one customer has reported being unable to achieve orgasm in LLs.  We invite you to try the product for yourself.  Ultimately, we are trying to make the best product possible, and any feedback will help us improve.  Please send us your feedback and stories!  It gets boring here at the office, and dancers only stop by once in awhile.

Q: Is it ok to have an orgasm during a lap dance?

A: There is some debate on this topic in the strip club community.  Our view is that orgasm is a wonderful thing as long as the orgasm is fully contained and hygienic.  Liquid Lapdance fully contains any ejaculate so it will never come into contact with the dancer.  When you wear Liquid Lapdance, the orgasm happens in the privacy of your own pants.

Q: Will the dancer know I just had an orgasm?

A: Guys are often pretty close to orgasm during lap dances, so the signal dancers usually look for is a wet spot on the pants.  If you're wearing Liquid Lapdance, there will be no stain or wet spot, so the dancer will typically be unaware you've just had a massive orgasm.

Q: Is it ok to adjust my penis during a lap dance?

A: Yes, adjusting the position of your penis is essential to maximize the pleasure of the dance.  Be a gentleman about it, but by all means, adjust!  Most dancers will let you get away with a little bit of "adjusting"... but they may not encourage full on through-the-pants stroking (which, incidentally, feels great in LLs).

Q: How can I prevent or delay orgasm during a lap dance?

A: If it's too intense, or you're just not wanting to cum yet, the quickest way to reduce stimulation is typically to lean forward.  This will shift the dancer's weight to your thighs and pull your penis away from the action.  As you lean forward the dancer will often sense you'd like the position to change.  Dancers are accustomed to guys (NOT OUR CUSTOMERS!!!) being in slight pain during lap dances so they're not going to be surprised if you want a little less grind for a minute.  You can also simply ask the dancer to "slow down" or gently lift her ass for a moment while you relax and re-position.

Q: If one orgasms, do they need to be changed before the next lap dance/orgasm? And/or does the lubricant need to be replaced?

A: It's not uncommon for LL customers to have 2 or 3 orgasms in a single night of strip clubbing (especially during bachelor parties!).  You don't need to change your LLs or re-lube or anything in between.  However, you may want to visit the bathroom to remove some of the ejaculate (which will have collected in the bottom of the latex part).  You can easily dab it up with toilet paper or a paper towel.  If there's a lot of semen in the latex part--and you go for more dances--your LLs may leak.  This normally only happens if you end up in an inverted position during the dance.  This would result in a wet spot down behind your balls which might look like you have a sweaty ass.  Ha! we've been there whilst testing... especially early versions that weren't quite perfect.

Q: Is it unpleasant to cum in your pants?

A: As a thought experiment, try to remember the worst orgasm you've ever had.  Not that bad, was it?  Orgasms in LL aren't bad either...  In fact, they're often quite enormous.  While aesthetically you may prefer to ejaculate in your partner's face, on her bosom, or even in the relative safety of her vagina, there is really no such thing as a bad orgasm.  At least, we haven't had one.  Note: If you have a funny story about your worst orgasm, email it to support@liquidlapdance.com.  Best story will be posted on the blog, and the author will receive a free pair of LLs.

Q: Will I find myself sitting in a puddle of my own cum after the dance?

A: Keeping a guy comfortable after the dance was a major design goal for us.  Liquid Lapdance does a pretty good job of keeping ejaculate away from your body after the dance.  That said, if you're afraid of a little semen getting on your penis, you're probably at the wrong website.

Q: Will they fit me?

A: Liquid Lapdance is designed to be "One Size Fits All".  If you're smaller than a Men's Small, or larger than a Men's XXL, you may need to do some minor tailoring to ensure a comfortable fit.

Q: Are they shipped discreetly?

A: All orders are shipped discreetly.  The external packaging is a solid color generic padded mailer or box.  No company name or branding appears on the external packaging or shipping label.  Our return address is a fulfillment house that handles a wide variety of products.

Q: Can you ship to my hotel, office, buddy's house, etc.?

A: Yes, we ship to hotels all the time.  We understand receiving our product is sometimes a delicate issue, and we can ship to any address you request.  Sometimes customers are concerned the package itself may be opened by a secretary, girlfriend, housemate, or wife before it reaches their hands.  For these customers, we offer the LL Stealth Pack, which is disguised as an entirely different product.

Q: How will the order appear on my credit card statement?

A: Charges on your credit card statement will appear as "L_L__C_L_O_T_H_I_N_G__O_N_L_I_N_E".  (without the underscores).  If your accountant raises an eyebrow, just tell her you ordered a t-shirt from L_L__B_e_a_n__&__Co.

Q: How many uses do you get out of the product, generally?

A: Great lap dances can be quite vigorous.  The product does not last forever.  We've found each pair of Liquid Lapdance tends to break down after 3-5 trips to the strip club.  Many customers choose to purchase a 3-Pack or 12-Pack as these are the best deal.

Q: Is Liquid Lapdance washable? 

A: Yes, we recommend you wash by hand with warm, soapy water, and hang to dry.  We recommend you sanitize the latex part with an alcohol swab.  If your LL's are in need of a complete re-fresh, you can throw them in the washing machine.  Turn them inside out so the inside of the latex part can be cleaned, and machine wash separately in cold water.  Tumble dry low.  Keep in mind this is a semi-disposable product that will not last forever.  Machine washing is probably the best way to revive a stinky old pair of LLs, but it may also reduce the life of the product.

Q: Do you have to store it in any special way?

A: Latex should be stored away from light and air.  We ship the product in a resealable metallic package.  Between uses, we recommend storing the product in the package (or similar dark airtight enclosure) for longest life.