How to Turn Down a Lap Dance

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Unfortunately, the girl pictured above is busy in the VIP with another dude...

The girl who comes up to you looks like her cross-dressing uncle... She comes up, sits in your lap, talks to you, rubs your leg a bit... she whispers in your ear...

Everything is great.

Except she's the ugliest girl in the club.  And now she's blocking your view of the stage, pinching your nipples, and asking you question-after-question...

Finally, she asks you for a dance.  You say, "No thanks."

But, somehow, she knew you were going to say that... Somehow, she knew just what to say to get your penis thinking "maybe this could work..."

The next thing you know you're hand-in-hand, walking toward the VIP with the ugliest girl in the club!!!

Does she give a decent dance?  Maybe.  But there's no way a lap dance is going to be a level-10 experience unless you're with a girl you're wildly attracted to.  We call that a level-10 dancer.

Rule of thumb: If you're not still attempting to sniff the pussy off your jeans a week later... she wasn't a level-10. 

That means, being able to turn down a lap dance is one of the most important skills a gentleman must master if he's going to have a superior time at the club.

Here are our 7 favorite ways to turn down a lap dance:

#1 "I just got here." -- This doesn't sound like much of an excuse, but it's a great way to buy some time without insulting the first few ladies who approach you.  And, you may actually want dances from some of them later... The point is you just got there and you don't know yet.  Girls don't walk into a store and buy the first pair of shoes they see.  They need time to do some shopping.  And so do you.

"#2 I'm waiting for Jiselle." -- Just make up a name.  She may say there's no Jiselle or whatever… Just say, "maybe I didn't hear her name right, but she said she'd be here tonight."  Dancers often have their own clients who come back to see them again and again... When they hear you're waiting for someone specific, most dancers will abort their mission to drain your wallet.

#3 "Kat already took care of me." -- Would you want to sit on this guys lap?  Neither does she.

#4 "I'm taking a break." -- This is code for, "I just busted a nut."  But, you could also mean you're giving your wallet a break.  Either way, it's a nice vague way to turn down the dance without hurting anyone's feelings.

#5 "I just got out of the VIP." -- Again, you're signaling you have just blown your load... That could be your wallet or your genetic load... but either way you need some time to recoup.

#6 "I'm just waiting for my friend to come out of the VIP." -- Translation: "My friend has money, but I'm a broke.  Wanna get to know me?" 

#7 "I want to, but my credit card doesn't work anymore." -- Translation: "I'm broke, but I'm not cheap... In fact I've already spent crazy bank here in the club tonight... so be nice to me... fuck me for free if you want... but you're not getting a dime out of this wallet."

MOST IMPORTANT: No matter what excuse you make, the stripper may try to overcome your objection.  Even if she makes a good point, just stay relaxed and kindly repeat your excuse.  Don't change excuses.  Just repeat your excuse.  Be nice about it, but just keep repeating the same excuse.  She'll see she's not getting anywhere with you and move on to the next guy.

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