Marc Andreessen on The Great Innovations of the Past

Posted by Liquid Lapdance on August 01, 2013 0 Comments

"If you read history... The great innovations of the past are now well understood as being very, very important... It's very obvious.  In almost every case, they were not widely understood as such at the time.  In fact, I would assert that they were often actually viewed as trivialities or jokes.  I don't think this is a new phenomenon.  The great innovations of the present, I believe, are virtually guaranteed to be viewed as trivial, and to be viewed as jokes.  I think history fifty to one hundred years from now will enshroud them in legend." -- Marc Andreessen

While Liquid Lapdance may seem like a novelty, a triviality, or even a joke (and we certainly embrace the humor in it)... We believe we've invented a better, safer way for guys to experience the sexual variety we seek.

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