What is the magical experience we're trying to create here?

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The question above comes from industrial designer Yves Behar.

Here's the magical experience we're trying to create with Liquid Lapdance:

A guy is having a great time at a strip club.  He has a connection with a girl.  They've been talking for awhile, and he starts to get aroused.  He's about to get a lap dance when the girl asks, "Would you like a lap dance, or a Liquid Lapdance?"  The guy says, "What's a Liquid Lapdance?".  The girl hands him a little package and says, "Go into the bathroom and put these on."

The guy goes into the bathroom and opens the package.  He finds a special pair of underwear, a little packet of lotion, and some simple instructions.  He squirts the lotion into the underwear and spreads it around.  He puts the underwear.  They feel great.  He buttons up his pants and walks out.

The girl is waiting for him outside the door.  She grabs his hand and takes him to the VIP.  They start with a long hug, and then he sits down and she straddles him.  She glides her body over his.  He feels everything like it's happening in high definition.  It feels like they're both oiled up and she's rubbing her naked body all over his naked penis.

She dances on him for what seems like hours, but it's only a few minutes.  He's so turned on, time seems to stand still.  He's been at the edge of orgasm for the last few songs.  Finally, he's ready to explode.  He grabs her hips and thrusts upward a few times.  That's all it takes and he's exploding.  The orgasm is long and intense.  Her pussy is sliding up and down his shaft.  After six or seven intense spasms, she's drained every drop of cum from his cock.

She stops dancing and lays on him for a few minutes, exhausted.  They're both sweaty.  He doesn't worry about a cum stain or wet spot in his pants.  He knows his cum is safely inside his LLs.  He doesn't worry about ANYTHING.  He kept it fun and safe and legal.  Even if his wife finds out, it's not that big a deal.

They hold hands on the way out of the VIP.  He stops into the bathroom, unties his LLs, and throws them into the garbage.  There's no more cleanup necessary.

This is our vision.  Many guys have reported similar experiences with our product.  (Some of the language above is taken from reports we've seen online).  

The product we have today is great.  Over time we will improve it to get closer to the magical experience we're trying to create.

Wishing you many happy dances!


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