Dancer is "in the know" about Liquid Lapdance

Posted by Liquid Lapdance on January 21, 2016 0 Comments

So I went to my usual spot in _____ which is _______... Excellent strip club. Not a lot of people there and quite a few girls. My usuals that I go and see were not there so I had to find a new girl and hope for the best... Came across this beautiful blonde. Went up to tip her on the side stage and she started grinding on me. She looked back, reached down, grabbed my crotch and said "You're wearing lapdance pants". I looked up at her and smiled. She smiled back, I tipped her and went back to my seat. After she was done on stage she walked straight over to my table and said "You want a dance, let's go"... I didn't say a thing, I just got up and walked to the dance area with her. I paid her upfront and the dance started. She was rubbing around, asking me if I was "updog" yet and I said "You know about lapdance pants?" She said that's why she wanted a dance with me. Second song in she asked if I came yet and I hadn't. Third song she asked me to tell her what to do. As soon as I came I told her and she put her mouth on the tip and started humming and sucking me through my pants. She told me to look for her when I come in next time and to tell my LL friends to go to her. She said she loves your product and once again I can't thank you guys enough for this amazing invention. May your business grow and expand! I'm promoting the shit out of these here in _____!

(Thanks to the AWESOME customer who sent this story to us via email.)

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