What's it like to go without Liquid Lapdance?

Posted by Liquid Lapdance on March 02, 2013 1 Comment

LL tester, Jony T writes:

Today, as an experiment, I left my LLs in the car and went in for some dances the old fashioned way... with normal pants on...

I wanted to test with the best possible traditional pant, so I put on a pair of soft, thin black gym shorts with NO UNDERWEAR!  Gym shorts are about as good as it gets in the traditional world of lap dance attire.  This is Vegas, and I wasn't sure they'd let me into the club.  However, it was early, and they let me right in to Cheetah's.

I found a beautiful girl, and asked for a dance.  I thought she might call me out on my gym shorts, but she didn't say anything.

The dance started... 

At first, the grind was gentle and pleasant.  But, as the dance got a bit more intense, I became more aware of the limitations of my shorts.  When you're wearing LLs, your pants glide freely up and down your shaft.  Without LLs, there was much less motion.  The grind felt short and limited.  The sensations were nowhere near as pleasant.  It was even a bit painful at times when she really worked it.  For a comparison, when I'm wearing LLs, the dancer can go wild on my dick without any pain.

I became partially hard, but nowhere near my normal dancing hard-on.  It just didn't feel that great, and I was nervous about what would happen if I came.  I really liked the girl, we had had a great conversation, and I didn't want to piss her off by cumming through my pants.

In the end, I did cum in my shorts (on the 4th song).  I lifted her up a bit and tried not to get cum on her.  I don't think she felt anything, although I had a big wet spot and cum running down my leg.

Then I had to worry about the bouncers and valet guys seeing the stain on my way out...

Let me put it simply: I would drive an hour out of my way to buy a pair before going to the club.  I would pay three times the price.  I love the product, and there's no way I'm leaving it in the again.  It was an important test, but a stupid idea.  Strip Clubs are 10x better with Liquid Lapdance.

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