"It left a mess on the leather seats at the club."

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Most of the feedback we receive is positive.  However, we had a customer email us about a product defect last week, and we wanted to post the email here with our response.

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to pass along my experience with your product.
Purchased on 1/19/13
I was really excited to use this product as the reviews were all positive. My first experience was a good one and very interesting as I was getting used to everything. After the fun in the club, at home I washed out in the sink and hung to dry. The second time I used I felt the lube getting underneath the underwear and onto my legs. It left a mess on the leather seats at the club. Anyways, it worked a second time and that was all that matters.
When I brought home to wash, I noticed the rubber portion was separating from the underwear in several place. Is that from normal wear and tear or is it possible I received a defective pair?
Anyways, I cannot use these as the lube or my junk wont stay in the rubber portion. Maybe you can help me out here as I continue to spread the word how cool and effective this product is.
One more thing, I am 5'9 180lbs and these feel really big on me. Do you make a smaller size pair?
Thanks for the awesome invention,
(name removed)


Answer from Reg:

Thanks for the feedback.  We're happy to hear your LLs "worked" for you, but sorry to hear the product started to separate during your second trip to the club.

We market LLs as "semi-disposable".  Some guys throw them out after one use, and some guys wear them dozens of times.  They don't last forever, but they should definitely last more than two trips to the club.

We're sending out a replacement pair on the house.

Regarding sizing, we've recently switched to a fabric that's more elastic for the fabric part of the product.  We've tested with guys from 135 Lbs to 265, and all have been comfortable.  LLs are obviously a bit looser on smaller guys and tighter on bigger guys, but this isn't a product you're going to wear 80 hours a week (unless you're our hero).

Thanks very much for spreading the word about Liquid Lapdance!

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