Do you have a "Too Many Women" problem?

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Some guys have a "too many women" problem.

If you're an alpha-male (like me), women flock to you. Getting pussy is trivial. It's everywhere, and it's trying to get a piece of you (or at least your lifestyle).

As an Alpha, you have an enormous appetite for women. You could happily sire and support offspring from half-a-dozen beautiful women. In a different time and place, you might have. But, you live in a country full of millions of beta-males... and, unfortunately, it's a democracy... and they made that shit illegal.

Key fact:

Beta-males don't get an opportunity to reproduce in a polygamous society. This pisses them off.

Why no opportunity for the Beta? 

Males and females are born at roughly the same rate (1:1). In a polygamous society, each alpha-male takes two, three, four, or more women. This is fun for the Alpha. It's great for the women (they get to share the Alpha and his vast resources). The offspring benefit. One big huge happy bedroom!

But, what does that leave for the Beta? He's out in the cold.

Beta-males thrive in monogamous societies where Brad can take only one Angelina off the market at a time. Unfortunately, that's exactly what we've got.

Why do Alphas put up with it?

The obvious reason is, we're severely outnumbered.  Put a few thousand Betas together and you've got an army.

The less obvious reason is that when Alphas organize a society, they need to do so in a way that preserves the beta-male's ability to meet his basic needs. If Betas have no reproductive opportunity, they will become peevish, ornery, and difficult to manage. They may be easily turned toward anarchy or revolution.

So, the Alpha puts in place rules that preserve a certain level of basic opportunity for the Beta.

Does the Alpha intend to follow his own rules? Of course not. Was it a surprise Bill Clinton was getting a little extra under the desk? No way.  He's an Alpha. In a different time and place, he'd have fathered children from 100 different queens. The surprising thing is that he kept his pants zipped up as frequently as he did.

The modern Alpha has a problem.

There are cameras and media everywhere.  It's harder for the modern Alpha to break the rules he and his forbears put in place for the Betas.

Having too many women is a good problem to have.  Nevertheless, it's a serious problem for the modern Alpha.

"I've got 99 problems and a bitch aint one..."  Actually, I did the math... All 99 of my problems are about managing my females.

Some, like Charley Sheen and Wilt Chamberlin err on the side of too much pussy. The Pope and the Dalai Lama, err on the side of too little.

All modern Alphas find it difficult to balance their sexual appetites with their desire to have a happy marriage and a successful family.

One solution some have found is the occasional trip to the strip club.

The modern Alpha doesn't pay the girl to dance. He pays her to leave when she's done.

The Beta will have a hard time understanding this concept.  For an Alpha, getting rid of a love interest is no easy task.  Women are almost happy to let a Beta go.  Whereas, they will fight for a place at the Alpha's table.

If you're wondering whether you are an Alpha or a Beta, here's a simple test:  Women are horny creatures, and thanks to monogamy, just about anyone can get laid.  How hard do your conquests fight for you when you tell them it's over?  If you're an Alpha, you're their dream come true.  Most women don't let an Alpha go without putting up a fight.  If scorned, an angry queen may even try to take the Alpha down.

Modern Alphas have plenty of money.  Paying for play eliminates many of the problems the modern Alpha faces when he indulges in free pussy: incriminating phone calls, texts, emails, Facebook messages, and a stream of hurt, disappointed women who have tasted an Alpha and don't want to say goodbye.

The strip club environment is a safe place for the Alpha to hunt and feast.  The arrangement is business.  The norms are commercial.  The terms and conditions are clear from the start.  

There's no expectation the Alpha will make the dancer's dreams come true.  He's just an awesome customer.  And she's just doing her job.  Everybody has a great night.  Nobody gets hurt.  It's fun in the club, and then back to an awesome life with a wife or girlfriend when the sun rises.

Up until now, we could be talking about paying for sex, but we're talking about paying for dances.

Why do many Alphas prefer to pay for lap dances, rather than sex?

Alphas have a lot that's worth protecting--a wife, a super-hot girlfriend, a family, a professional reputation.  Paying for sex is often illegal, and always risky.  Strip clubs offer a safe alternative.  Lap dances aren't exactly like sex, but their limitations are overshadowed by the fact that...

The girl grinding on your dick is 3x hotter than your wife...  The girl on stage looks like the hot new girl at work... The girl in the back reminds you of that girl you should have fucked in high school when you were too nice a guy...  And you can get dances from them all in the same night!

Which brings us to Liquid Lapdance.  You wear special shoes when you go bowling, for God's sake.  Why wouldn't you wear special underwear when you go to the club for lap dances?

Lap dances are one of those areas where the proper equipment makes all the difference.  Liquid Lapdance takes a normal lap dance and turns it into a true sexual experience.  Liquid Lapdance users regularly achieve orgasm--even Betas can cum in their LLs.  

We're so confident in our product, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't have an orgasm.

Enjoying a club full of dozens of sexy girls is not something Betas were really intended for.  Betas are happy to cling to the wife they barely got and hardly satisfy, and cast aspersions at those of us with appetites they can't understand.

The next time you hear a Beta saying, "I'd never go to a strip club."  Tell him simply, "I know you wouldn't."

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