i dont really GET what liquid lapdance does? is it special underwear?

Posted by Liquid Lapdance on November 08, 2012 0 Comments

Yes! Liquid Lapdance is a special pair of underwear guys wear to the strip club.  They're like regular underwear, but they have a silicone extension in front.  The extension provides the room you need to get erect and fully enjoy a lap dance.  The product also comes with a packet of lube.

You squirt the lube into the silicone part before the dance.  That's what makes it a "liquid" lapdance.  The extra room and soft, moist, texture of the silicone make the dance feel MUCH MUCH better... so it's much easier to have an orgasm during the dance.

I hope this helps explain for new customers!

The guy wears the underwear under his clothes, and the girl dances for him as normal.

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