How to order Liquid Lapdance and make the wife happy at the same time!

Posted by Liquid Lapdance on June 09, 2012 0 Comments

Discreet packaging is standard in the adult industry. Every order we ship is shipped discreetly

But what happens if the wife or girlfriend gets her hands on the package first and opens it? 

B U S T E D.

1. You can claim you bought it as a gift for your buddy. 

2. You can pretend you're as puzzled and disgusted as she is... "One of the guys at work must have sent it as a joke."

But what if we could figure out a way to avoid getting her upset in the first place?

The solution: The LL Stealth Pack... (A.K.A. the "European Penis Bath").

The concept is simple.  We send you a 3-pack of Liquid Lapdance, cleverly disguised as a spa treatment for your dick (something she might have bought you for Christmas). 

Visit the "European Penis Bath" product page for all the details.

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