Q: What is the normal number of dances it takes to have an orgasm when wearing Liquid Lapdance?

Posted by Liquid Lapdance on March 04, 2012 1 Comment

We got this question from a customer who was a bit concerned because he was reaching orgasm too quickly in his Lap Dance Pants. He is averaging two songs until climax, and he says he's sometimes unable to postpone the orgasm past two songs.

A: Everybody is different.  Some guys can't come at all during Lap Dances, so consider yourself talented if you can climax during the dance.  

Liquid Lapdance makes it easier to climax during the dance.  The average number of songs our testers and customers have reported to us is 2-4 songs, but so much depends on the dancer and of course your state of mind.

Several customers have reported that orgasms seem to sneak up on them when they're wearing Liquid Lapdance.  This is understandable.  During sex, the guy typically has quite a bit of control over the level of stimulation.  He can slow down or stop the action if he needs to.  During a dance, the girl is on top, doing her thing.  The guy may not be able to stop the grind or lessen the friction.  Sensations during a dance can be so powerful they send the guy over the top before he even knows it.  Bravo!  You just saved yourself some money and you can always come back tomorrow.

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