Demi and Ashton's OPEN marriage!

Posted by Liquid Lapdance on December 01, 2011 0 Comments

Gossip Mags are reporting that Demi and Ashton may have had an open marriage.

This is something I long suspected.

What is rarely talked about is the healthy role strip clubs play in many marriages.

Strip clubs provide men with a low-cost way to explore their fantasies.

Strippers offer gratifying experiences without the risks (or costs) of prostitution and cheating.

The strip club plays an important role in modern communities.  It's hard to imagine a more healthy and safe way for men to live their fantasies.

Our job at Liquid Lapdance is to make lap dances better so lap dances can meet society's needs in the healthiest and safest possible way.  Check out our Mission Statement and live your fantasies at the strip club where it's fun and safe!

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