5 Reasons Lap Dances are Better than Sex

Posted by Liquid Lapdance on November 13, 2011 0 Comments

Guys are used to thinking they want the real thing whenever they can get it.

But what if you had it all?  What if you had enough money and power to buy all the sex you wanted.  What if prostitution were legal?  Would there be any reason to get lap dances?

Yes!!!  Lap dances are BETTER than real sex in a lot of situations.

1) Lap dances are 100% safe.  There's virtually ZERO chance you'll catch an STD (or get someone pregnant) during a lap dance.

2) Lap dances are emotionally "lightweight".  Compared to sex, lap dances are fun and casual.  Both parties walk away feeling good.

3) Lap dances are much cheaper than sex.  At many clubs in the US you can get lap dances for as little as $10 a song.

4) You can have lap dances from five or ten different women in the same night.  You can explore your fantasies and sample a bit of everything.

5) You can have incredible orgasms during the dance.  Some guys report orgasms that last 2-3 times longer during lap dances.

If you love variety...

If you love your health...

If you want to save money...

If you want to promote a safe healthy situation for women...

If you love orgasms!

Lap dances are the perfect solution.  Buy a pair of Liquid Lapdance Lap Dance Pants and head to the club today!

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