Strip Club Rules of Thumb

Posted by Liquid Lapdance on August 17, 2011 0 Comments

  1. Wear something warm.  Strip Clubs are notoriously cold. Bring a sweatshirt or second layer to keep you warm. If the girls are cold they’ll love cuddling up with the warm guy :-)

  2. Always get one “floor dance” before committing to a multi-dance trip to the VIP. You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive... Don't commit to an extended trip to the VIP without a test drive.  You learn a lot about a girl (and how she dances) during a regular dance. You’ll get a chance to feel her energy, smell her scent, explore her attitude. If a girl won’t do a regular lap dance and insists on heading straight to VIP, beware.

  3. If a girl tries to milk you for tips or extra money for a "better dance" beware. The best girls don’t milk... The best girls deliver fun dances and make great money because everyone wants dances from them.

  4. Girls who promise a lot pre-dance usually don’t deliver during the dance.

  5. Never waste a girl’s time. Make your intentions clear. If you like her and you’re there for dances, let her know. If you’re just hanging out, make that clear too.

  6. Never take a taxi to a strip club if you can help it. Clubs often give part or all of the cover charge to the taxi driver as an incentive to bring customers. Customers who drive themselves often can negotiate free entry or pay less cover.

  7. Everything said inside a strip club is part of the fantasy.  If a girl tells you she’s 19 years old and has a twin sister who loves to share… it may be for your benefit! Enjoy the fantasy.  Tell fantastic tales of your own if you want.  But don't be the sucker waiting in the parking lot for two hours because she promised to meet you after work.

  8. Never shoot pictures or video inside the club. Many clubs will kick you out or confiscate your camera/phone.

  9. Don’t ask girls to do things they aren’t allowed to do. They have to say “no” to protect themselves legally (even if they wouldn’t mind doing it)… When they say “no” it can destroy the mood. Let the fun happen naturally.

  10. Don’t pinch, lick, or spank. These are surefire ways to destroy chemistry with your girl and maybe even get yourself (and your party) kicked out.

  11. Don't bite the girl on the ass (even if you're the bachelor).

  12. Never take two girls to the VIP at the same time. Your lap isn’t big enough. The physics are awkward.  The second girl is usually more of a distraction. When you’re dancing with one girl she can focus all her attention on you. True intimacy and a lot of friction can develop. Two girls sounds fun, but it’s almost never worth it.

  13. Be a nice guy. Give compliments. Be happy. Relax. Smile. Be generous with positive energy.

  14. Girls (usually) don’t make money when you buy them a drink.  When you're asked to buy a girl a drink at a strip club, she’d usually rather have you refuse the drink and buy a dance.

  15. Mix it up.  Don’t have the same conversation everybody else has. Be different. Be fun. Be memorable.

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