The Fine Art of Receiving a Lap Dance

Posted by Liquid Lapdance on August 16, 2011 0 Comments

Not all lap dances are created equal. Here are some pro tips on getting a GREAT lap dance.

Step 1: Ask nicely. “Do you have time to dance for me?” “I’d love a dance if you’re available.”

Step 2: Start by giving your girl a hug, a fun handshake, a quick massage, or something to break the ice. Follow it up by giving her a smile and a compliment. You want your girl feeling comfortable and happy.

Step 3: Mix it up! Most girls have a routine… they give the same dance all night long. You don’t want the routine. You want next level! The only way to get there is to mix it up. Take the conversation somewhere unique, be so sensitive to her touch she thinks you’re on ecstasy, dance back just a bit, ask her to keep doing anything she does that you love.

Step 4: Let the magic happen. Don’t get touchy-feely the moment the song starts. Don’t ask for anything your girl’s not allowed to do. But let her know through your body language and facial expressions you’d love to take things to the next level if possible. If she seems comfortable with some touching (and if it’s legal in your area) start by caressing her hands. Touch her feet a bit if they’re close… then her upper back or shoulders. Start with the places nobody else would start. Follow her lead and let her communicate what she’s comfortable with. Don’t make her scold you or say “no”. Focus on the pleasure you can give through your touch, not the pleasure you can get.

Step 5: Always wear Liquid Lapdance. The right equipment makes an enormous difference. When she rubs that perfect ass up and down your lap, you’ll feel like you’re on the inside :-)

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