Liquid Lapdance Review from W. S.

Posted by Liquid Lapdance on May 02, 2015 0 Comments

I absolutely love your product and have tried it more than once. I had been going to the same club for years and have a couple of dancers I would go to see often. Well I had stopped going for a while because I would always spend so much money wanting more and leave the club unsatisfied, raw and hurting sometimes. Until one day I decided to do something that would change the game so I started looking online for ways to make rubber or latex underwear and I stumbled across your product. MY JAW DROPPED! It was everything I was looking for and more so I ordered three pair right off bat. I'm glad I did because I had the most unforgettable experience of my life. I went to a new club first to try them out and was very nervous. Got this amazing Black girl with an ass to die for to give me a dance. She did and it was awkward at first but I came. It didn't feel the best it could have but it did happen. But my penis was hanging on the side of my thigh and wouldn't stand up. So I went back online months later and saw you had designed a better pair that could be tied on the sides and was designed for the penis to sit straight up! Again I ordered three pair. They got here and fit perfectly, put on some loose fitting shorts and went to the club I was a regular at. One of the girls I frequently saw and got dances from was there. She asked me for a dance and I didn't waste any time. The dance started and she started rubbing her tits and hands on my crotch and had a funny look on her face at first but kept going. She then started grinding on me and I got really hard so after the first song I reached down and adjusted myself to stand straight up which wasn't hard to do. She then asked me if I wanted another and I told her that I wanted to spend some real money on her tonight and that I would tip her to do more of what I like. She smiled and said ok! So the second dance started and she started feeling around my crotch, rubbing her hands up and down my dick which was spreading the lube all over. IT FELT FANTASTIC! She then got on top of me and started grinding. I about lost it but made it to the third song. I was all built up and ready to explode. During the break song I asked her to sit her nice butt on my lap and she did. The third song started and she wasted no time on the grind this time. I used my hand to signal movement until her crack swallowed my dick. Then she started grinding hard and fast. It felt the best I've ever felt other than sex or a blow job. I came harder than the last time I had used them and came more than I had in a very long time. After it was over I gave her $80 and she asked if I liked it. I said yes and she smiled and kissed me on the cheek then nibbled on my earlobe. I had to sit for a minute before I could stand back up lol. Later she came to my table and had asked me a serious question "So did you cum during that dance?" I told her yes and she wasn't mad at all. She said she went and checked herself and she was dry but she knew I came. I showed her my pants were dry and she asked me to see. So I showed her my dry crotch. She felt around for a wet spot and didn't feel one. She was so confused lol. I told her about LL and have her a card. She imediately asked me if I wanted another dance, smiled at me and but her lip. I got another one and she went balls to the wall! I came AGAIN!!!!! Literally every time I go to the club her and my other favorite give me the best dances every time and let me guide them during the dance. I can't thank you guys enough for your product. It's made everything SO much better at the club for me and the dancers. They make money, get to have fun and I get an incredible experience every single time. When you come out with any new or revamped product I would love to know and try it. If it could get any better than this I would explode..... Literally. 

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