Gentleman’s Guide to Tipping - How much should I tip a waiter, bartender, dancer, valet, etc.?

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One thing too many gentlemen get wrong when they venture out into the world is tipping. There is no class on tipping.  Usually we learn from our parents or from observing others.  But a gentleman uses his superior knowledge of the rules of reciprocity and generosity to his advantage.  People respond to the gentleman by treating him as a king among men.

For the modern gentleman, giving a tip is an opportunity:

1. A way to show your appreciation for a job well done.  "You're a boss, and of course the boss gives the bonus!"

2. A way to express your generosity.  "You've got a huge heart, and it feels great to leave a big tip!"

3. A way to level-up the way you're treated. "Why do rich people tip well?  Because they want to get treated like rich people."

Tips are also the way many people in the service industry get by.  In the US, many service providers are paid well below minimum wage and need tips just to survive.  Tipping is done a bit differently in every country, and many foreigners have a hard time getting used to tipping norms here in the good old USA.  

Here are some guidelines for gentlemanly tipping:

Waiter or Waitress

The basic tip is 20% of the price of the meal.  The math is easy at 20% (just calculate 10% and double it), and it's become the normal, expected rate.  Unless given some extraordinary reason to tip less, the average person will tip 20%.  Consider it part of the cost of eating out.  Some like to tip 15%.  Waiters and waitresses call those kinds of people "cheap skate", "cheap bastard", "piece of shit", etc.. A gentleman tips 20% of the cost of the meal.


If you need the services of a bellhop to get you bag into your hotel room you had better give him or her a tip. The standard is $1 to $2 per bag. A gentleman tips $5.


The normal average tip for a valet is $2. A gentleman tips $5.

Room Service

If a gratuity is part of the bill, a tip is not expected, but a tip of a few dollars is always appreciated. If the gratuity is not part of the bill, a gentleman tips $5 anytime someone brings something to the room, and 20% if ordering a meal.

Stage Dancers

Tipping at the strip club is a difficult topic.

When sitting "along the rail" by the stage, a gentleman tips $1 per song.  That's simple and often required by the club.

If you're completely loving the dancer on stage, and you know you want to get a dance, consider this gentlemanly approach:

Tip the dancer $20 while she is on stage.  The $20 stage tip is not expected, and the dancer will remember it.   While you give the tip, whisper to her, "I want you to dancer for me later."  She will remember you're the generous tipper who gave her $20 on stage.  She'll go into the dance treating you like a generous rich guy.  You'll get better dances.  And, after the dance, if she asks for a tip, you can say, "I already tipped you on stage, my love."

Lap Dancers

Tipping for lap dances is a more difficult topic.  The price for a lap dance is often negotiated directly with the dancer.  Dancers are often very skilled at charging guys as much as possible, over-promising, under-delivering, etc..  It may very well not make sense to tip on top of what the dancer is already charging for her services.  Her services may not have lived-up to the gentleman's expectations.

If the dancer asks for a tip after the dance, the moment can be awkward.  Tips are always awkward when the service provider asks for them, but this situation is doubly awkward because the time you spent together was very intimate.  You may have received service for which a tip is most appropriate.

And yet, a $1 or $5 tip is as likely to alienate her as it is to please her.  

We recommend the following guidelines for tipping when getting a lap dance:

1. Rather than a tip, if you're enjoying the time, get more lap dances.  If the dancer asks for a tip, say: "Instead of tipping, I'd rather spend more money with you."

2. If you feel the dancer has truly earned a tip, by all means give one.  But the gentleman should never feel bad about not tipping a dancer if he has negotiated the price of services with her up front.


The gentleman asks himself, what would a regular guy tip, then steps it up a level.  Regular guys tip the bartender $1 per drink.  The gentleman lays down $2 when the regular guy would tip $1, and $5 when the regular guy would tip $2. 


Bouncers love tips.   In a strip club, tipping the bouncer can help make sure you get more mileage and less hassle.  $20 to a bouncer establishes you as a friend of the club.  Bouncers can help bring over the best dancers.

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