5 Tips That Will Keep You Looking Great For The Ladies

Posted by Liquid Lapdance on November 17, 2014 0 Comments

People think staying fit takes a lot of effort.  The truth is, the smallest changes make a huge difference (if you do them every day).

1. Do 10 push-ups every morning.

It's crazy because it's so simple, but if you do it every day, you'll look like a weightlifter in a few months.  Do 10 crunches while you're down there to make those abs sexy too.

2. Take a walk after dinner.

Using your muscles after meals lowers your blood sugar and prevents your body from storing extra blood sugar as fat.

3. Eat more raw (uncooked) food.

Cooking food increases the amount of calories we get out of it.  If you want to lose weight, eat more raw foods.

4. Play your favorite sport (more).

Exercise doesn't have to be boring.  Do the things you love to do.

5. Get a standing desk.

Sitting all day is hard on the body (and painful).  Stand up for phone calls and any task that's annoying.  Hey, if you're annoyed anyway, you might as well be doing something good for your body.

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