Is It Possible to be a Feminist and Still Pay For Lap Dances?

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Talk about a loaded question.

Humans generally operate on a default setting. The caveman part of our brains relies on stereotypes and assumptions to make sense of the world. The default assumption for most people about feminists is that they hate men, think sex sets women back, and don’t shave. The default assumption about men who pay for lap dances is that they are gross, only think with their penises, and use too much cologne. But, the truth in both cases is more complicated.

What is a Feminist?

Feminists don’t have to be women. A feminist is simply someone who supports equal rights for women. This includes not just political rights, but social, economic, and cultural equality as well. Beyond that things get complicated. Feminists, like any other group of people, have widely different views. Just take sex for example. Many feminists take the line that prostitution, strip clubs, and pornography make sex objects out of women. Therefore, they put women at a lower cultural level than men. They oppose these things as feminists. Whenever you make a person an object, you believe they are less human.

Sexy Feminists

There is also a loud and growing group of feminists that say this old way of thinking about sexual objectification of women is really anti-woman. Confused? These feminists say that sex is good. Why should men be the only ones who get to love sex? When feminists rail against porn stars, strippers, and prostitutes they are really arguing women shouldn’t be sexual. The sexy feminists explain that a woman might do these things not to please men, but because she really likes sex and being sexual. Women should own their sexuality. Some feminists even argue that women can use sex to not only be equal with men, but to have unbelievable power over them.

Feminist and the Lap Dance

1. Are you treating the dancer as a person or as a sex object?

If you are paying for a lap dance, you could be looking at the experience in two ways. One, you want some hot young thing to grind all over you. Two, you want some hot young woman to grind all over you. See the difference? You are making a sex object in the first case. You cannot be a feminist and think this way. But, number two is different. You see a dancer as a person that you want to have an encounter with.

2. Do you love women or hate women?

Some guys have issues with women.  Instead of loving women, these guys seem to hate women.  The hatred of women is called mysogyny.  If you find yourself having negative feelings about "women" or "all women", you probably have some issues that need to be worked out.  The first step is recognizing the tendency.  The next step is to figure out where it's coming from.  How was your relationship with your mom?  Do you have pain about things you haven't fully dealt with?  We encourage you to talk to someone who can help you let that pain out (a counselor or psychologist).

If you have feelings of hatred for women, we don't think you should be getting lap dances.  We think you should be dealing with the issues.  If you don't deal with your issues, you pay the biggest price.  You're going to be unable to have deep, meaningful, loving relationships with the women in your life... your mother, daughter, wife, female boss, etc..  That's a major loss for your life and theirs.

We Love Women

At Liquid Lapdance, we love women.  We have female friends.  We have wonderful mothers and sisters.  We have female bosses.  We have female business partners.  We would love to have a female president.

We also find women attractive.  They're attractive not just because of their physical characteristics, but also because of their intellect, personality, sense of humor, kindness, energy, and virtue.

So, can you be a feminist and pay for a lap dance? Yes. And you will treat the dancer with respect, kindness, and love.

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