How to Plan a Bachelor Party

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Your buddy is getting married and you are in charge of planning the bachelor party. Where do you even start? A great bachelor party doesn’t just happen, but creating a once in a lifetime experience doesn’t have to be hard. Think of the party as having five different parts. You need to find a place, have food, have entertainment, have booze, and have a plan to get everyone home safely.

1. The Place

Where is the party going to be held? The choices are endless. Many make the mistake of having a bachelor party in a hotel suite. This is usually a bad idea. Good parties are loud parties and most hotels shut down loud parties.

The best places for a great party are at a private home or a club. Having a party at home is cheaper, but may also run the risk of annoying the neighbors. If the party is too good, the cops have a way of showing up. Having the bachelor party at a club might be more expensive, but nobody is going to shut you down either. If going the club route call ahead and see if there are any special bachelor party packages.

2. The Food

Before a night of drinking and partying can really take off, everyone needs to have some fuel to burn. This isn’t a bridal shower. The food doesn’t need to be fancy. Have some sandwiches or wings catered is fine. If you want to go classy, take everyone by limo to a steak house. Whatever you choose to do for food, make sure food available throughout the evening. If this party is going to last, people are going need more than just alcohol.

3. The Entertainment

For most bachelor parties this means strippers. Strippers are another reason a party at a club might be the best idea. You will have more selection and everyone will have a better time. If you have the party at a home, make sure to hire more than one dancer. Don’t be a cheap skate, this is your buddy’s last chance to live it up.

If you want to take the party to the next level, check out the Liquid Lapdance Bachelor Party Pack. Your guests will be telling stories and laughing about these forever. They are the ultimate bachelor party favor.

4. The Booze

This may be tricky depending on where you live as every place has different rules on mixing alcohol and strippers. Make sure you know the do’s and don’ts. The drinks at clubs are going to be expensive, but many offer packages for parties, so call ahead. If you are throwing the party at a home, get more booze than you think you need.

5. Getting Everyone Home

A great bachelor party is a safe party. Get in touch with a local taxi service or town car company. Do not let anyone leave the party and drive home if they have been drinking at all. Have a few designated drivers is the cheapest solution. It may not be the most fun to plan, but having system for getting everyone safely back home will make the party that much better.

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