Opinion: Why are strip clubs legal in many places where other types of sex work is banned?

Posted by Liquid Lapdance on November 12, 2014 0 Comments

Strip Clubs are legal because they're better (for society) than the alternative.

Man is a simple creature with simple needs and desires. Much of our civilization is built around containing and funneling those needs and desires. One of the best examples of this is sex. Many men want it (or at least think about it) all the time. History suggests this has always been true. Look at many ancient civilizations and you will find brothels and venereal diseases.

Indiscriminate sex has a lot of down sides. Sex sometimes produces children, which is often not a desired result. Sex with many different partners spreads painful and incurable diseases throughout a population. Prostitutes often fare even worse. They become trapped as sex workers, physically and emotionally abused, constantly trying to stay out of legal trouble and avoid death or injury from their pimps and madams.

One of the cures to this problem is the strip club. Call these places whatever you want, gentlemen’s clubs, bikini bars, or just strip clubs, they offer a better alternative than prostitution in dealing with men’s sexual needs and desires, which why they are legal pretty much everywhere and prostitution is not.

A strip club gives a man a chance to live out his fantasies of being wanted. He gets to see lots of breasts and have a hot dancer grind against him. It’s no secret that a lap dance is a type of simulated sex. The strip club keeps some boundaries around sex, while letting men explore their passions.

In the strip club, men can be with dancers of all backgrounds and physical attributes. The strip club is a safe place to explore an Asian fetish, or what whatever else turns a guy on. The man isn’t going to catch some disease and bring it home to his wife or girlfriend. A lap dance isn’t going to get anyone pregnant. The strip club also lets the experience be a social one. A guy can go with his buddies and push each other’s limits in a relatively controlled environment.

Women fare better in the strip club than the street as well. They are protected by security and are in far more control. They aren’t exposed to such high degrees of abuse and human trafficking. They are in the driver’s seat. They decide how the dance will go, they work at continuing to pull as much money as they can out of their customers, pleasing them, but never too much.

Sex will always be a major part of any man’s motivations in life. Strip clubs just allow men and women to explore sexuality in a safer way.

Liquid Lapdance is an innovative new product that makes lap dances more fun and more safe. Our goal is to give men and women better choices. We think if lap dances feel better, more men and women will choose lap dances rather than casual/paid sex.

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