The Results Are In!

Posted by Liquid Lapdance on September 15, 2014 0 Comments

We received some great feedback this week.  These kind of emails make it so much fun to come to work every day.

Feedback from a customer in the US:

"Remember how you asked me to let you know the results of the pants you sent me? Well the results are in: your liquid lapdance pants are damn great!!! She didn't even know I was wearing them, and I had the most intense orgasm with my favorite dancer as she was grinding me hard and fast. Thank you so much for the great customer service and the special pair designed for the penis to sit straight up. That's the pair I wore since she likes to focus on grinding above the waist hahaha..."

Feedback from a customer from Europe (customer gave one to a buddy who tried it out with girlfriend):

"My buddy was very impressed too. On first view he said wtf. Then I explained to him how to put it on. And when she sit on him and he grabbed her ass, he was fucking thrilled. Seriously. He was enjoying and she asked few times, what, you will not fuck me? Why? Because you don't need to... not my words, he told that :)"

Feedback from a customer in the US:

"Your product is super WONDERFUL!!! It works!! Let everyone know how great your product is, they deserve to know! But everyone should really experience it more than read about it ;). Thanks again!!"

Feedback from a customer in the US:

"I had never cum from a lapdance before and now I do every time!  These things feel so damn good I almost want to wear them all the time.  You guys are genius for inventing these.  You've got a customer for life.  My local strip clubs are going to have to thank you for making me a more frequent customer lol."

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