7 Tips That Will Save You Money at the Strip Club

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We go to strip clubs.  We know it's going to cost money, and we're fine with that.  But, how much fun we can have depends on spending our money intelligently. 

Generally, we want to spend LESS money on BS, and MORE money on Lap Dances.  Here are some tips from one of the strip club enthusiasts at Liquid Lapdance to help you get more mileage for less money.

Take these as general guidelines.  Follow them with a laid-back approach.  Don't feel bad if you waste a few dollars here and there, it goes with the territory.

1. Phone first

Call to find out if there's a way in the door for less.  Ask if the price of admission changes based on the time of day or the day of the week.  Ask if the club puts out coupons you might be able to find.  

One of my favorite clubs lets customers in for half the admission before 7pm.  Another lets locals in free anytime (as long as they don't arrive in a taxi).  Another puts a coupon in the local paper for "Free Admission".  Savings: $10

2. Buy one dance at a time.

Committing to multiple dances can be a very costly mistake.  Lets say you meet a gorgeous dancer, chat for a few minutes, and then commit to five songs in the VIP for $100.  The girl collects the $100 up front and starts dancing.  You quickly realize there's no chemistry (or she tries to up-sell you for another $100 if you want to lift your hands from the bench)...  You're in a tough spot.  It's almost impossible to stop early and get your money back.

I always recommend trying one dance on the floor before committing to anything more.  In my experience, floor dances tell you everything you need to know about VIP dances with that dancer.  If the floor dance is hot and generous, the VIP dance will be equally hot and generous... (maybe even a little more so).  If the floor dance is cold and mild, the VIP dance will be equally cold and mild (and anything extra will be costly). Read this paragraph again.  It's so important.  Start with one dance and go from there.  Savings: $50+

3. Instruct the dancer to tell you when each song is over.

With modern strip club music, it's difficult to tell when one song is over and the next has begun.

It's common for dancers and customers to lose track of how many dances have been done.  Sometimes this is an honest mistake.  But, some dancers claim they've danced extra songs to boost their earnings.  If you're not careful, this can cost you a lot of money.  I've had plenty of times when I received two dances and the dancer claimed it was four.  Or, I received three dances and the dancer said it was five.

Don't waste money paying for dances you didn't receive.  Before the dance starts, state clearly to the dancer, "I might get more than one dance.  I need you to tell me when each song ends so we can keep track of how many dances we're doing."  After the first song, the dancer should say, "Ok, that was one song, do you want another?"  After the second song, she should say, "Ok, that was two songs, do you want another?". Savings: $20+

4. Don't buy drinks for dancers.

Dancers will often ask customers to buy them a drink.  Usually they do this to please the waitresses or the management.  In most strip clubs (in the US), dancers make their money giving dances, not selling drinks.  

There may be times you feel like buying a dancer a drink and having a chat.  Fine.  Go for it.  But don't feel pressured to buy the dancer a drink.  I usually say, "I could buy you a drink, but I'd rather buy a dance."  Or, if you don't want a dance, say, "I'm saving my money for dances!"  Usually they'll be quite supportive of this idea. Savings: $10+

5. Don't pay for promises.

Some dancers will say anything to get the money out of your bank account and into their purse.  One time I was promised a $100 "blow job".  A few minutes after the dance started I said, "What about my blow job?"  She got a sexy look on her face, opened my shirt slowly, worked her face down near my belt, and said "Ok, I'm going to give you your blow job now."  I was ready to explode.  She took a big breath, looked up into my eyes, pursed her lips, and blew a huge breath on my belly button... (Like she was trying to blow out some birthday candles!)  Then she said, "Ok, that was your blow job!"  I couldn't blame her, and I couldn't even be mad.  I was way too much of an optimist.  There wasn't even enough privacy for her to give me a BJ if she wanted to.

The bottom line is this: there are three types of dancer.

A) Girls who believe it's ok to say anything they want--true or false--in the strip club.  They think it's all part of the fantasy, and guys should be smart enough to know they aren't really going to get illegal action in the strip club.

B) Girls who set out to scam guys out of money.  They think of their job as a hustle or con.

C) Girls who look at their job as providing a sexual service and aim to provide real value for money (even if this means pushing beyond the legal limits of a dance).  

It's impossible to tell the difference between these three types of dancers.  The best approach is to buy one dance at a time and base expected performance on past performance. Savings: $50+

6. Don't play the rich guy.

I'm sure every girl in the club would enjoy hearing you just sold your Facebook early-employee stock for a few million.  But, if you're trying to get value for your dollar, acting like a rich guy is a mistake.  Some guys are afraid to look cheap.  Perhaps it isn't very manly to be a cheapskate.  But, don't let the dancer use your fear of looking cheap to her advantage.

I like to do the opposite.  I tell the girls up-front, "I'm super-broke right now".  Or, "I'm probably the cheapest guy in here." Or, "I'm on unemployment".  I always follow these lines up with a laugh.  A lot of times they say, "I don't believe you".  But the point is, it breaks the ice and lets them know I'm not worried about being perceived as cheap.  Once I've established the fact I'm a cheap-ass, I don't have to worry about giving big tips or maintaining the perception I'm a big spender. Savings: $50+ 

7. Wear Liquid Lapdance.

The point of this article isn't to plug our product, but Liquid Lapdance does save me a ton of money at the club.  

I find the dances are more satisfying, and I'm a lot less likely to pay for "extras", "promises", etc..

For example, Last night I walked into the club and pulled $200 from the ATM (intending to spend $200).  One of my favorite dancers was there.  I hadn't seen her in months.  She still remembered me and our special deal ($10 per song).  I went to the back with her for some dances.  After three songs I was ready to orgasm.  I had to slow her down a couple of times and actually lift her off my lap to keep from coming (she gives a great grind and I'm attracted to her at a girl-of-my-dreams-lets-get-married-tomorrow level).  Halfway through the fifth song I decided to come.  I pulled her in tight, and I started pumping a bit from the bottom as well.  I had a great orgasm.  We sat there and talked for the entire sixth song.  I handed her $60.  I was fully satisfied and done for the night.  The old me (before LLs) would have spent the whole $200 and gone back to the ATM for more. Savings: $50+


We hope these tips help you get more mileage and have more fun in the club.  If you have any money-saving tips of your own please share them with us at support@liquidlapdance.com.

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