The Best Strip Clubs in Las Vegas, Guide + FAQ

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I remember when I first moved to Las Vegas.  I thought the strip clubs were inside casinos.  One of my first nights in town, my buddy and I walked around the casinos looking for strip clubs.  We were at the Flamingo when we finally got up the courage to ask a bellman where the strip club was.  He looked at us like we were crazy... "A strip club at the Flamingo, you guys are lost!"

We were new in town!  How far we've come! In the last 10 years we've visited every strip club in Vegas, many of them dozens of times.  We've talked with dancers, taxi drivers, club managers, owners, and thousands of strip club enthusiasts.

Other than where to find the strip clubs in Las Vegas (they're nearby, but NOT inside the casinos)... The most important thing to know is that there are many different types of strip clubs in Las Vegas.  Which club you choose will depend on what you're looking for.  It's impossible to say, "_____ is the best strip club in Las Vegas".  They're all different, and most of them are pretty awesome.

There are four different Strip Club categories in Las Vegas: Division I Clubs, Division II Clubs, Totally Nude Clubs, and High Mileage Clubs.

Division I Clubs

These are huge clubs that feel a lot like nightclubs.   They have 300+ dancers each night.  It's not uncommon to see "regular" girls joining their guy friends to party at these clubs.  These clubs function as after-party spots.

#1 Spearmint Rhino - Best Mega Strip Club in Las Vegas. Best Stripper Selection in Vegas.  Best Strip/Nightclub Feel in Vegas.  Best Chance to Pull Out of a Strip Club in Vegas.

Many consider Spearmint Rhino to be the best strip club in Las Vegas.  Here is what you should understand:  It's large and crowded.  There is a line out the door on Fridays and Saturdays.  SR is the Bellagio of strip clubs.  From a dancer's perspective, SR is the club with the highest concentration of guys and money.  Dancers at the top of their game can do very well, so SR attracts a lot of girls who look like they walked out of Maxim magazine.  But, SR management hires a huge number of girls and lets so many girls work each night it's difficult for more average girls to make money.  This creates an environment where girls are constantly approaching and asking to give you a dance.  Many of these girls won't be super-hot.  When you do find a level-10 girl, you're competing with tons of guys and tons of money to keep her attention.  That said, there is enormous variety in terms of looks, body type, personality, attitude, etc..  SR is one of those magical places where it's almost impossible to predict what will go down.  I've had epic visits where I ended up in VIP rooms, hotel rooms, etc..  My buddies are still talking about the time we were crammed inside a private VIP room and they had to pick up their girls and run for cover when the cum started flying from my side of the room.  Apparently they've never been cummed on before... how was I supposed to know? HA!  And, I've had times when nothing clicked or it was just too crowded to even find a hottie.

One thing you can count on at SR is that your money will go quickly.  During busy times, I've had girls say, "I don't do floor dances".  Three dances for $100 is the most common offer at Rhino these days.

Alcohol flows from bars along three walls.  The club is dark and cavernous.  There are probably hidden VIP rooms most of us have never seen.  Cigar smoke is often in the air.  The club is open 24/7.  Even in the middle of the day under the brightest Nevada sun, when you're inside SR, it's dark and there are dancers grinding on guys like it's 11pm on a Friday.  In terms of mileage, it depends almost entirely on the girl.  SR management isn't particularly strict or principled in terms of enforcement, and in my experience girls can give pretty much whatever extras they wish to give.  If the bouncers do interrupt, it's because they weren't given a tip.  The SR management has been accused of running a prostitution ring for high rollers.  I've heard reports from dancers that the manager tried to convince them to fuck big spenders in the club or leave with them.  That said, it's also common for girls to lie and promise to leave with guys or meet them somewhere after work.  If you get an offer like this, NEVER pay first, and don't be *at all* surprised if you're waiting for hours in the parking lot for a stripper who never shows up.  Remember, everything that happens inside a strip club is an illusion.  The girls lie to entertain and tease us.  If you choose to believe (really believe) something a stripper tells you inside the walls of a strip club, that's on you, not her.

For the average guy, SR is a fun place to visit, but like the Bellagio, you probably don't want to stay there all night.

#2 Sapphire - The World's Largest Gentlemen's Club. Best Vegas Strip Club if You're Bringing The Wife.  Best Strip Club to Watch Sports in Vegas.

Sapphire operates on the same scale as Spearmint Rhino, but it's generally a more lawful and predictable place.  The main showroom is a huge area with high ceilings, multiple stages, a bar on each end, and many tables and chairs.  The floor-plan is more open than Spearmint Rhino, and there is more light so it's easier to see what's going on.  Sapphire is my favorite club if I want to hang out with friends, talk, see some beautiful women, watch a fight or game on huge screens, etc..  It's the right choice for guys who want a Mega-Club experience, but don't want the intensity, cost, and unpredictability of a Rhino experience.  Would I have my bachelor party here?  Yes.  Especially if there were guys coming who were more innocent than my dirt dog friends... For example, if my bride's brother, co-workers, etc. were coming, or people I hardly knew, this is where I would take the party.  If an investor in one of my companies or my father-in-law asked to go to the strip club, this is where I'd take them.

Sapphire claims 400+ dancers per night.  That's probably an accurate number in a 24 hour period.  The quality generally high, but like other clubs, it's all over the map.  None of these places says "no" to very many girls who show up willing to take off their clothes and pay house fee.  I have never been even remotely disappointed by the selection.  What I have found less than impressive is the mileage during dances.  I must admit, I've never been inside the large private VIP rooms upstairs.  But, floor dances and regular VIP dances have consistently been a bit tame by my standards.


Division II Clubs -

#3 Crazy Horse III

Crazy Horse III has a great vibe.  It's smaller than Rhino or Sapphire, and a lot less crowded.  But, it has a young/hip feel.  The VIP rooms are a bit expensive, and there's nowhere to get next-level dances on the main floor.  But, for a group of guys who want something cool and a little less intense than the Mega Clubs, Crazy Horse III is a great choice.

#4 Hustler Club - Best Strip Club Facility in Las Vegas.

Larry Flynt and Harry Mohney built a beautiful facility.  You'll see it on the left on your way into town if you're driving from Los Angeles.  It's a massive four stories of strip-club-lover heaven, with a roof deck that can be rented for private parties.  Have your next birthday party here!  The adult store here is one of the best in the world.  This beautiful female-friendly adult store would be a great place to bring that kinky co-worker who wants to fuck you (ok... bad idea).  As for the club, management hasn't quite dialed in the INSANE HEDONISTIC PARTY EXPERIENCE we think it's capable of.  There are not enough girls.  There's too much focus on up-selling to expensive VIP rooms.  There's not enough focus on giving a great dance at a great price.  That said, on any given night you might find a hottie here who will blow your mind.  If our buddies wanted to go there, we wouldn't exactly put up a fight.

#5 Club Paradise - Best Small & Expensive Strip Club in Las Vegas

Once the hottest Strip Club in Las Vegas, Club Paradise has gotten less popular in recent years as Spearmint Rhino has become the #1 club.  If you're a guy with a lot of money, and you don't want the Mega Club feel of a Spearmint Rhino, Club Paradise is a great club to visit.  The quality of dancers tends to be extremely high.  We used to go fairly often in the old days, and they didn't even let you sit down if you didn't have a reservation or pay for a table.  Not the way to earn loyal customers.

#6 Treasures - Treasures burst onto the scene a few years ago as one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas.  There were some issues with the liquor license that killed its momentum.  They've worked hard to bring it back to glory.  It's a great club, but not the go-to place in any category.


Totally Nude / 18+ Clubs:

#1 Little Darlings - Best all-nude club in Vegas.  Best place to find hot young strippers in Vegas.  Best bed dance in Vegas.  Best amateur night in Vegas.  Best naked pussy in Vegas.  

Little Darlings is a great club for guys who love pussy, AND could care less about alcohol.  Because there is no alcohol, girls are allowed to dance at age 18.  Many of the hottest young girls in Vegas would love to dance at Spearmint Rhino or Sapphire, but they're under 21 so their next best option is Little Darlings.  There is currently no other totally nude club where girls can make great money, so Little Darlings is getting all the best under 21s in Vegas.  Keep in mind, the customers can also be under 21.  Little Darlings attracts a young crowd, especially on the weekends.  If you love hip hop, you'll be very happy here.  If you went to prep school and belong to a country club, expect to feel a tad out of your element here (might still be worth a visit though!).  One thing to watch out for at Little Darlings is the up-selling.  Many girls at LD have one price for a "regular" dance, and another price for a "better" dance (with touching).  This can get to be pretty annoying as all the girls seem to be fixing prices in the back room.  Guys, lets stick together and negotiate for great $20 dances.

#2 DejaVu (no longer nude, no longer a hot club) - Best Adult Store in Las Vegas.

A few years ago, DejaVu was the most popular all-nude club in Vegas.  Management decided to switch to a 21+ model so they can sell alcohol.  This really hurt the club as all the best girls and customers moved to Little Darlings.  DejaVu used to be great and may rise again, but at the moment, it's probably not your best choice in any category.  That said, DejaVu is attached to an incredible adult store called Deja Vu Love Boutique.  If you and your lady need to get some supplies, be sure to stop by one of the DejaVu Love Boutique locations in Las Vegas.


High Mileage Clubs:

#1 Cheetah's - Best Club for Big-Booty Women.  Best Club for Dirty Lap Dances.  Best Small Strip Club in Vegas.  Best Big Girl Strip Club in Vegas.  Best $10 Lap Dance in Vegas (during happy hour).  

Cheetah's has a reputation for girls that go the extra mile during lap dances.  The dancers come in all shapes and sizes, and a wide range of ages.  And the girls at Cheetah's know how to grind.  We've had some truly epic trips to Cheetah's over the years.  It's a small, simple American strip club, not unlike the clubs you find in many cities around the US.

#2 Chicas Bonitas - Best Latin Strip Club in Vegas.  Best Mexican Strip Club Experience (in Vegas).  Best Latin Music Strip Club in Vegas.

Chicas Bonitas is completely different than all the other strip clubs in Las Vegas.  The music is latin.  The ladies are almost 100% latin or black.  The place is very small and a great value.  You will literally feel like you're in a strip club down in Mexico, without even leaving Las Vegas!  Keep in mind two things: 1. The club is a few miles north of the Las Vegas strip, so it's a bit of an expensive taxi ride to get to Chicas Bonitas.  2. There are not many girls, and it can be hit or miss.  We've seen some of the hottest strippers in Las Vegas working here (Girls from Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, etc.).  We've also been there at times when the best thing in there looked like she should be serving chips and salsa, not dancing.  If you're a tourist in Las Vegas, and you're going to make the trip to Chicas Bonitas, go Friday or Saturday night to give yourself the best odds of finding the hotties at work.  Also, keep in mind Chicas Bonitas is across the parking lot from Palomino Club.  If you're paying for a taxi, go to Chicas Bonitas first (since there's only a very small cover).  Later you can walk across the parking lot to Palomino Club and convince them to let you in on the cheap because you didn't show up in a cab.

#3 Olympic Gardens - Best Locals Strip Club in Vegas.  Best Floor Dance in Vegas.  

This place is a favorite among many Las Vegas locals.  It's a good size... not to big and crowded, but still a good size club.  The club has a great layout, and a fun, party atmosphere.  It's a great place to have some drinks and have a good time.  There are many clubs where it's hard to get a great lap dance on the floor.  Olympic Gardens is rare in that you can get some pretty intense dancing going on right on the main floor, and most likely nobody's going to bother you (that's been our experience, anyway).

#4 Palomino Club - Best Nude Club w/Alcohol in Vegas.

Palomino Club is a legendary old strip club in Las Vegas.  They're so old, they were "grandfathered in" when the law was passed banning alcohol from totally nude strip clubs.   The result is, the Palomino Club is the ONLY strip club in Las Vegas where you can drink and see bare pussy at the same time.  It's also a pretty good place to get a lap dance.  The dancers are usually pretty open-minded.  Keep in mind, when you're at Palomino Club, you're just a stone's throw away from Chicas Bonitas.  Be sure to peek in Chicas Bonitas and see if there's anything that catches your eye.


Diamond Cabaret - Diamond Cabaret impressed us at first.  There weren't many girls, but they were fucking hot.  Almost every girl we saw in there looked like she walked out of Maxim Magazine.  As we entered, one girl took us for a "tour" of the club to show us the VIP options.  This girl was a level-10.  She was the dream.  As she took us around to the different VIP rooms she explained the deal.  The VIP dances were very expensive... so expensive you'd think sex must be included.  But, of course, just like the other scams, they don't actually say sex is included.  They just say things like, "It'll be completely private.  Nobody will bother us."  That kind of talk was a big warning sign for us.  We left without spending anything more than the cover.  But, many other guys haven't been so lucky.  We found out later from talking with friends who drive taxis and limos, Diamond Cabaret is a known ripoff spot.  They pay taxi drivers $50 or more for each guy they bring.  They let the guys dream big dreams and pay ridiculous money.  Nothing special happens in the VIP.

We hope Diamond Cabaret changes their business model.  As soon as that happens we'll take this warning down.  In the meantime, Gentlemen BEWARE!

Getting to the club:

Most strip clubs in Las Vegas pay taxi and limo drivers a commission to bring guys to their club.  The commission can be as much as $40 per head.  There are massage places that pay taxi drivers $80 per head.  There are fleshpots (clip joints) that pay taxi drivers $250 and up for bringing customers.  If you don't know what a fleshpot or clip joint is, be sure to read the Wikipedia article on fleshpots before coming to Las Vegas.

The point is, there are hundreds of taxi and limo drivers cruising around right now, literally waiting for you to get in their car and say, "Take me to your favorite strip club."  They will take you straight to whatever club is paying the most that week (if you're lucky).  If you're unlucky they'll take you to a fleshpot.  Don't fall for it.

There are some great strip clubs in Las Vegas.  No need to go to place that's a scam.

We'll get to the strip clubs soon, but since we're on the topic of taxi drivers, here's a quick tip that will save you $20 before you reach the hotel.  It's called the Las Vegas Airport Taxi Scam.  Las Vegas cab drivers pull this little scam on almost everyone who visits Las Vegas.  Here's how they do it: When they take you to or from the airport, they convince you to let them take the expressway instead of the surface streets.  The expressway route is significantly longer and more expensive, but it's "faster" (as in, we're traveling at 60mph which is faster than 30mph).  In terms of time, it takes just as long or longer.  They say something like, "Do you want to go the faster way or the slower way?"  The correct answer is, "I want to go the most direct route."  Many Las Vegas cabbies will take the more expensive route without even asking.  Always request the "most direct route".  If you think they took you the long way, ask them to call the dispatcher to confirm the correct price for your ride.  This may sound weird, but it's actually a quick and common request for the dispatcher since cab drivers often forget to put on the meter and need to call in for a "radio quote".

Ok, now that you've arrived at your hotel and you have an extra $20 in your pocket, it's time to start thinking about lap dances!!!

The Inside Info on VIP Hosts in Las Vegas:

Want to get “the hookup” at exclusive nightclubs in Las Vegas?  How about tickets to sold-out shows? Or a cabana at the hot pool party for half the advertised rate?  

The Vegas nightclub scene is a humiliating nightmare for regular dudes.  The hotties get right in.  The dudes (and average girls) stand outside like 2nd class citizens watching all the bouncers friends bypass the line and get right in.  

I saw a guy grease a bouncer's hand with a $100 bill one time... And he still didn't get in.  It's fucking bullshit.  It's the kind of bullshit that makes my blood boil.  Losers walk right in because they know the bouncer while we wait outside.  Fuck that!  

The bottom line is you need to know somebody to get in and get treated like a valued customer at the hottest nightclubs in Vegas.  If you don't have a friend in the industry, the next best thing is to use the services of a VIP host.

All VIP Host are Not Created Equal

This industry has tiers of quality and access, and Vegas visitors should know the difference.  The first level is the street level hosts. These are the guys and gals working the strip handing out wristbands for nightclubs and business cards for strip clubs.  The next tier up are the “insiders” who work inside the premier nightclubs and casinos. Street hosts and insiders are generally locked into a single venue by contract. The top level are “aggregators,” which have connections all over town, a robust online presence, and have been in the game for years.  Aggregators have accumulated contacts and favors from various venues and managers. These companies have the leverage to make things happen all over town.


All VIP hosts make their money two ways.  The first is from compensation from the clubs themselves.  This can be as few as a couple dollars per person at nightclubs, all the way up to $50 at some venues when the party purchases bottle service. The compensation rates vary wildly by the club and the time of year. The more popular the club, the lower the hosts’ payout. The second way VIP hosts make money is through gratuities. Most tourists are in Vegas to spend money, and don’t mind parting with $50 to a $100 bucks if their host saved them $300 on bottle service.

Trust Equity

How do you know who to trust? Here’s a couple of tips: first, if you can’t pay for it with a credit card, be wary.  Anyone trying to sell you “club passes” or “free show tickets” for cash is a scam.  Anyone selling “VIP access” wristbands to a club are scammers.  Secondly, your best bet is to go with a reputable company that has been in the business a long time.  If they don’t have a website, facebook page, twitter feed, be wary.  The companies in this category are generally aggregators.  They have a business name and their reputation is gold. They can be reported to the Better Business Bureau, you can post your dissatisfaction on their website, facebook page, etc. Aggregators put the customer experience first, and aren’t trying to sell you on the one venue they happen to work at (unlike street hosts and insiders). Once you find a company on this scale that you are happy with, you don’t have to find a new contact for each venue you want to visit. You simply contact the company, tell them what you want to do, they’ll provide you with the best options in town, and you pick what suits your party best.

If you would like to learn more about what a VIP host can offer, consider contacting our friends at "Whatever You Need Las Vegas". is a premier VIP Hosting company in Las Vegas.  No matter what venue you wish to visit, they have the hook up.  Their blog Daily Hookup covers the latest deals and events in town.  Ask for Benjamin, he’s the owner, and he will make sure you get the service you deserve.



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