Which Booty Gives the Best Lap Dance? Our Top 6 Choices

Posted by Liquid Lapdance on March 11, 2014 1 Comment

# 1 Choice - The Grand Canyon


Be on the lookout for a booty that has an extra deep crack. It's not always easy to find, but it's out there. Look for partially swallowed panties and walking wedgies. That deep, hungry boot will give an amazing ass-job or lap dance.

#2 Choice - The Folder

The Folder is a booty with ample cheeks that fold over the upper legs, creating the 3-crack look above. The Folder wiggles and jiggles when walking, with a hypnotic rhythm.  When jogging or dancing, the Folder's ass-cheeks may gently clap together.  Folders give a great ass-job or lap dance. 

#3 Choice - The Breakfast Sandwich


The Breakfast Sandwich is a booty that's so young and perky you can't wait to take a bite. Sometimes also called the McBooty, the Breakfast Sandwich is often found on an 18-23 year old lady who eats junk food and doesn't work out.  It's perfectly plump now, but the future is uncertain.  Enjoy without delay.

4. The Perfect Round

The Perfect Round is the classic barbie booty. Thin waist, full ass.  Beware, if out of season, The Perfect Round can become bony and deflated. When searching for The Perfect Round, look for the grape and not the raisin. When you find the grape, you can expect an enjoyable ass-job or lap dance.

 #5 Choice - The Pillow-Butt

The Pillow-Butt is soft and fluffy. You could rest your head on this booty and sleep for 12 hours. It's not our first choice, but in a pinch, The Pillow-Butt can give a great ass-job or lap dance.  Tip from a married guy: "The exterior of a booty might be boring, but stick a finger in that booty and it's a whole new world."

 #6 Choice - Other

We're experts.  We've seen, studied, admired tens of thousands of booties.  Yet, there are times we see a booty that challenges every assumption we've made about size and shape, form and function.  Everything goes quiet.  Our nostrils flare.  It's as though we're gazing upon the female ass for the first time...

When you stand before a booty that's unlike anything you've seen before... Remember, we're dog-like mammals. And, like the wolf, the fox, the jackal, and the mighty coyote, the true ass-man finds beauty in almost anything that bends at the waist.

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