Liquid Lapdance quotes from around the web.

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"Took a stab at a home made liquid lapdance outfit. Failed. This try involved a 2 long strips of velcro, a yellow dishwashing glove, lube, duct tape and scissors to cut things up. Made it at home, put it on in the CR bathroom. The dancer knew something was up and that made things do down on my part. Improvements needed: no bumps, make it smoother; contain the lube better; don't surprise the dancer." -- Richard Nixon

 "You feel like a goddamn idiot wearing the thing. No way around that. But I felt smarter by shaving a nice chunk of change off of what I usually spend there." --TheSneak

 "I told her I was wearing liquid lap dance underwear and she seemed to make it her mission to get my rocks off." -- Justin




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