Pay for Liquid Lapdance with Bitcoin, and we'll automatically double your order!

Posted by Liquid Lapdance on January 22, 2014 0 Comments

We're pleased to announce you can now pay for Liquid Lapdance products with Bitcoin.  Just place items in your cart as normal, and select "Pay with Bitcoin" at checkout.

Bitcoin is the perfect alternative form of payment for the customer who's wife or girlfriend handles traditional credit card / bank statements.

You may not yet have a Bitcoin wallet.  To help encourage you to set up your Bitcoin wallet, we're offering DOUBLE LIQUIDS for all customers who pay with Bitcoin.

If you order 1, we'll send you 2.  If you order a 3-Pack, we'll send you 6.  If you order a 12-Pack, we'll send you 24 pairs.  Note: this is a limited time offer.  We will have to discontinue this offer once Bitcoin gets more popular.

You can learn more about Bitcoin and choose a Bitcoin Wallet here.

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