World's First Orgasm Guarantee

If we can't make you cum, we don't want your money.

We built our product so guys can have massive orgasms at the strip club without worrying about paying for extras or having a stain on their pants.

Our attitude is simple.  If you have a massive earth-shattering orgasm during your lap dances, our product works.  If you try but cannot achieve orgasm during your dances, our product has failied.  We're not here to waste your time.  We're not in this to make dances a little bit better.  We're here to put you over the edge and turn you into a Super Fan who tells all his friends about us.

If you don't cum, send us an email.  We'll either solve the problem or give you a full refund.  Guaranteed.

Now get on over and order up a 3-pack!