About Us

We're famous for inventing special pants that make lap dances feel *more* like sex.  Guys wear our "lap dance pants" in place of their underwear when they're getting a dance.  What do they feel like?  Just ask our customers:

"Feels like two lubed ass-cheeks sliding up and down."

"Imagine a pair of oiled titties bouncing up and down your cock."

"I wouldn't say it felt like sex.  More like a blow job, a hand job, whacking off, anal sex, and titty-fucking all in one."

"Kinda like fucking a really loose pussy."

Everybody says it a little differently, but all seem to agree, Liquid Lapdance makes lap dances feel much, much better! We make Lap Dances feel so good we offer our World Famous Orgasm Guarantee. If you don't have an orgasm in your Liquid Lapdance lap dance pants, we'll give you a full refund. Want to know how many refunds we've had to give? It's fewer than 1%. That's right, 99% of our customers are having orgasms with Liquid Lapdance, and you can too.

We're based in the Strip Club Capital of the World, Las Vegas Nevada!  Our fulfillment house is located in New Jersey.  We can ship to your home, office, or hotel.  Many guys ask us to ship to their hotel.  This is no problem at all.  

There are some strippers and taxi drivers in Las Vegas who sell Liquid Lapdance.  However, we do not organize this, and they can be hard to find.  The best way to guarantee you get Liquid Lapdance before your next trip is to order online.

We sell "lap dance pants" to guys who love strip clubs.  If you don't like strip clubs and lap dances, please go away.

If you’re a dancer, retailer, limo/taxi driver, or distributor, please contact us if you're interested in selling Liquid Lapdance.

Our sales office office is located in Las Vegas, NV.

Email: support@liquidlapdance.com

Phone: (702) 900-1239


We're making the world a better place one safe and delightful orgasm at a time.